Leaders; it’s a fraught role. When I was in grade one, I was put at the head of a marching line. Being less interested in marching formations than golden flowers growing on the perimeters, I lead everyone into a ditch where the flowers bloomed abundantly.

That’s the thing about leaders. They can take a whole lot of innocents over the edge. Like hapless lemmings, they are bound to a leader’s success or failure.

It’s always of interest when someone else rejects the status quo or wants to be leader. You see a lot of that in playgrounds. A child will say, “he’s always leader, I want a turn,” while shoving the unsuspecting and unbalanced leader headlong into the asphalt, often producing bloodshed and tears. If the leader has abused the right, others in the queue may smugly enjoy the spectacle of the leader’s backside saluting the heavens.

When I take Jack for a walk, being a collie kelpie, he often likes to round up other dogs. He tends to nudge other dogs if they are going off track. But I wouldn’t say he was a leader, he just likes keeping things in order.

Maybe that’s what leaders can learn from a Jack and me. Firstly, keep things in order. Secondly don’t inveigle others to follow you on your own personal quest or you could end up in a ditch.

leaders image


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