The Turnbull


He thought that he was the Mighty Boss – but ‘Kings’ Will Dream. As he strutted through his grandiose castle he was perturbed to find that walls had started to crumble. Through the grimy cracks he gazed imperiously upon his minions and noticed the bothersome John Snow approaching.

“Your Malcolmship, there is trouble afoot. The oracle has consulted the Divine Unicorn and warns of a Youngstar who seeks to displace you.”

“Quieten down John Snow. I am invincible. Be gone you lowly harbinger of misfortune.”

John Snow displayed his usual obeisance and exited through the back door.

As the lonely figure of Turnbull stood completely motionless – his usual stance – he pondered, “Would they really Ventura Storm? I shall initiate a pre-emptive strike and finally show some Grunt, The Tally is in my favour.

Alas it was a Trap For Fools for a Winx as good as a nod to a blind man.


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